Advantage of Three Essay Format

In the career of any researcher, the first ever research based study starts with inscription of the dissertation, which is being carried out under the supervision of a senior research faculty and it is needed to be completed in line with the requirement of the undertaken course. Subsequent to the successful fulfillment of the research work, the researcher enters the world of research and academics. Therefore, completion of the dissertation work plays the most significant role in the life of a researcher. Apart from writing the dissertation, the researcher also requires to come up with quality research papers, which can be published in top level academic journals. Though these two aspects may sound to be different, researchers try to combine these two agendas by a single thread, so that they can achieve these two requirements at one single go. Perhaps that is the reason behind the emergence of the three paper format of dissertation.

Over a long period of time, three essay format of dissertation is gaining ample amount of significance among the community of researchers, and there are certain reasons behind this growing popularity of this format. Following are some of those advantages:

  • This format requires coming up with three essays based on three research questions. That is reason a researcher can concentrate on one research question at a time, and it is not require maintaining the flow of thought from one question to another. Therefore, the time required completing the dissertation turns out to be lower, and the entire quality of work can be superior to the traditional chapter-based format.
  • In course of the writing the dissertation in three essay format, researcher actually writes three distinct research papers, and in order to accomplish the requirement of publication, the researcher can send those essays directly to the journals, with minor modifications.

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