Common pitfalls attached to writing a dissertation’s Introduction Section

Dissertation is said to be incomplete without a brilliantly-written introduction section. You should never take the introduction chapter of your dissertation lightly. This is simply because this is the only chapter which depicts a good idea about the entire dissertation idea. If there are flaws in this chapter, then the readers might assume the dissertation to be a bad piece of writing and further lose interest in reading the same thoroughly. This post will make you familiar with all the pitfalls that are attached to writing the Introduction chapter for the dissertation.

Now, let’s understand each of these pitfalls in a more elaborate manner:

Superfluous information- Research scholars tend to include additional useless information in the Introduction chapter of their dissertation. It is recommended that the introduction should be about a one-half to three-fourths page overview of the topic and an overview of the complete Introduction chapter.

Purpose section doesn’t focus on research methods used etc- Students tend to forget to include as to why the study is being proposed and what all are the major objectives of the study.

Badly-written background section- Students tend to create a background section which is just a condensed version of the literature review. In contrast to this, the background section should describe the importance of the issue under study and should convince the reader that the proposed research is of value.

Unclear problem statement- Yet another major pitfall associated with the creation of the introduction part of the research document is mentioning the problem statement in an unclear manner. The problem statement section should include both a general problem and a specific problem. It must be written to reflect an actual problem or issue. It is important to not confuse the problem with the purpose, but also keep in mind that the two should mirror each other.

Hope by now all your doubts regarding the difficulties faced by research students while writing the Introduction chapter of a dissertation must have been resolved. So, good luck for your dissertation and do remember to avoid making these mistakes.

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