Concluding Your Research Work Is Important

It is said that well begun is half done. When you write your research work, you should remember that this axiom applies to the introduction of their dissertations as well. In fact, they are expected to select an interesting topic and presenting their research work well too. A good introduction will make it possible for you to win half the marks and the other half will be won by your presentation and conclusion.

Link the introduction

Most people who write their dissertations make their introductions interesting by adding real life examples to them and linking the introduction to the conclusion. They also provide a solution to the problem stated in the hypothesis, which is the actual purpose of the entire research work. By concluding your dissertation, you can tell your audiences that your work is actually helpful for the good of the society. Show them that by following your research, they would benefit greatly. Continue your example in the conclusion too so that you would be able to put your point across that your discussions and findings are actually helpful for the society and the world at large.

Never summarize your dissertation

Most writers summarize their dissertations so that it will be easier for their audiences to read their works. However, you should make it a point never to summarize it since the same ideas and points would be unnecessarily repeated in the conclusion. Besides, it would be unethical to do so in your dissertation. Even though you may have been taught at high school that it is important to summarize your entire work, do not follow the same practice since it is not acceptable at the university level. If you want a gist of your research work for your own reference, write it and keep it aside but do not include it in your conclusion. However, conclude your work properly so that you can show the world how important your work really is.

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