Often people misunderstand that statistics is a different stand alone subject and is not involved or required in other subjects or studies. But statistics can be used any subject starting from math’s, engineering, medicine and even law also. The use statistics vary from subject to subject and from topic to topic. While some studies requires in-depth statistical analysis some require basic statistical studies like mean, median and mode etc. some universities even have courses and points for subjects like medical statistics. Some universities have clinical research programs where statistics play a very important role. In such studies statistical software tools like SAS, STATISTICA, SPSS etc are used to do the analysis.

Some of the statistical tools used for studies in medicine or clinical research include Bayesian statistics to study the medicine and genetics applications, Statistical genetics and statistical process control (SPC) tools for studies related to applications in healthcare and industry. Medical studies also have statistical studies like data collection, hypothesis testing, sample designing, analysis etc which are normally used in other studies. Bi-variate analysis like T test, Chi-Square test, McNemar test and multi-variate analysis like ANOVA, MANOVA, linear regressions etc are used in medical studies. The most commonly used technique in medical studies is meta-analysis. Meta-analysis is conducted using fixed effect and the random effects models. However meta-analysis studies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As statistics is totally different subject than medicine it is better to take the guidance of the professional or expert while doing statistical analysis. Every university will have a biostatistician or related professors who can help medical students in medical statistical analysis. Statistics play a very important role in analysis and also during medical trials and testing. They play a very important role in final decision making.

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