Failed Dissertation: How Did Zing Chuzua Mange to Pass

Zing Chuzua had a lifelong dream of getting through a top notch UK or USA University for his Master’s program, but being born, brought up and educated in China, he knew this will not come easy. He managed the initial semesters at his college with utmost ease where he had to excel in exams, assignments, classroom discussions and presentations. The actual hurdle however, was to ace his dissertation. This proved to be a big muddle for him because despite having the innate ability to perform research and abundant fresh ideas for the same, there were too many barriers that he had to overcome.

  • Language Barrier: First and foremost, he belonged to a nation where English was not his first language. Despite having decent command over the language, spoken as well as written, when it came to forming complex sentences and engaging in intellectual discussions he was not particularly ‘Fluent’. There were times where he had to face a panel of evaluators for his research work, and he just couldn’t put his thoughts to words. Neither was his work self-explanatory. As unfair as it may sound, this became the daunting reality of his life.
  • Mediocre Presentation Skills: Zing was not the best when it came to decently presenting himself, and the worst part was that he wasn’t even aware of the same. His floppy walk and his tucked out shirt, it all came together as an unattractive first impression.
  • Thesis not being of an acceptable standard: He faced a huge setback when he found that the research proposal for his thesis was not being taken up seriously due to the fact that the committee did not consider it of an adequate standard. They definitely wanted more, however he couldn’t comprehend what they actually desired.
  • Contradicting findings: Another complication that he had to deal with was the fact that a few of his findings were indirectly contradicting each other, which naturally the evaluators found very disturbing. There was something going wrong with his research implementation as well, what it was, still remain unknown to him.
  • Miscellaneous: Sometimes his document would have considerable plagiarised work, other times reviewers would find the sources of his data unreliable and even when all of this was rectified, he felt his work was not adding to the already existing body of knowledge in this field.

After facing so many hardships, spending so much time and effort on his dissertation research work, Zing was unable to satisfy the experts as well as himself. However, giving up so easily on what he had always wanted was against his diligent nature. Finally he sought professional help.

He asked a professional dissertation writing firm to render its services to him, and the decision turned out to be in his best interest. These Professional Dissertation writing companies have the most intellectually sound PHD Holders of varied backgrounds working with them. Due to these qualities and the vast experience that they hold, these companies are skilled at providing not only writing services, but also fully guiding one through the tedious process of getting it right in entirety.

The Professional Dissertation Writing Company that Zing approached, helped him deal with and resolve all these problems one by one.

  • They provided assistance in penning his research work from scratch while keeping in mind the necessary jargons, intellectual language, grammatical correctness and finally drafting a high quality flawless write up.
  • They helped him give his research more prospect and made it much more value adding. This was done with the help of PHD writers who were from the same field of research and knew exactly what was expected of Zing at this juncture by the reviewers.
  • Even his contradicting findings were corrected once the entire data analysis was carried out by professionals.
  • They helped Zing extract data from more reliable and appropriate sources, they also guided him how he had to conduct himself during the jury was proceeding and what were the probable questions that could be put up to him.
  • Plagiarism was no longer a concern since the entire work was plagiarism free, drafted by pioneers in this field. They helped him put his research into grammatically correct, self-explanatory and fluent language thus create a masterpiece out of what was not being willingly accepted earlier.

However, all this would never have been possible if Zing’s attitude was not right. He did not give up on what he believed in and shirk away from the unknown. Yes, he did seek help, but in the end it was all worthwhile.

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