Guidelines for writing a proposal for EdD (Doctorate in Education)

Students seeking an EdD degree (Doctorate in Education) need to submit a brilliant proposal so as to proceed with the actual research project. With EdD seen as one of the most prestigious doctorate degree programs, more and more research students are finding it convenient to choose EdD proposal writing services in order to come up with an absolutely appealing EdD proposal.

Here is a pictorial representation of the traits of a good EdD proposal:

Well, now that you’re aware about the basic traits of a good EdD proposal, it’s high time for you to get familiar with what all your EdD proposal should comprise of. Here’s a list of contents of a perfect EdD proposal:

  • Introduction and context – You should introduce your EdD proposal by outlining the research topic and its relevance to educational practice and/or policy.
  • Research Methodology – Your EdD proposal should also provide an outline of the kind of methods that could be used in your research area and a rationale for why these are best suited to your area of research.
  • Your Motivations – Your reviewers would always want to know your actual motto behind conducting the research. So, make it a point to include an explanation as to why you want to pursue the Doctorate in Education.
  • Why the research is important? – It is utmost important for your EdD proposal to include a detailed explanation as to the ways in which your research has an impact on the educational policy and/or practices or the process of equipping teachers/students/managers with particular skills.

So, this was a brief overview on what exactly an EdD proposal should comprise of. I hope the details and facts mentioned within this post would have definitely helped you grab useful information on creating an appealing EdD proposal.

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