How to Write an Academic Dissertation

From the start of the academic year you must be hearing from your professors about the dissertation that has to be written and the required research work and reading that you are expected to put in. But, if you still not clear on how to write your academic dissertation, here are a few beginner’s tips that will kick start your dissertation.

Follow the guidelines

When writing your academic dissertation, it is important to follow the guidelines given by the university and write as per your guide or mentor. The aim of writing the dissertation is to earn good grades, which can be done only by following the set rules

Ascertain your style

Before you start writing, you should read a number of research articles and books by various authors. The best is to start with the recommended book in your course. Study carefully the writing and convincing style of the author you enjoy the most. Try to adopt the style in your writing style.

Acknowledge ideas

The academic dissertation should have original thoughts and ideas, but it doesn’t mean that you create a book of your own. The dissertation should have a critical analysis of the thoughts of different authors. Discuss the problem areas and how each author has helped to understand the situation and suggest solutions for the same. But take care of citing and quoting the details, so that you are not caught up in the trap of plagiarism and people who want to read more can refer the books.

Compile the bibliography

Make sure to note all the sources you have referred in making your dissertation. Include all the books, journals, articles, web pages and e books that you referred while writing your dissertation. Check with your guide and university website for the format of the bibliography. All universities have their own format which the students have to follow.

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