Marketing Thesis: Nuts and Bolts

The most important fact of a successful marketing thesis is its structure (nuts and bolts). If you adhere to it you will land grand success. The basic structure will give the reader an appeal and understanding of what you want to convey.

The journey starts with an appealing cover page, in which it should have a title of the study, your name, and reasons for writing the thesis, your department and date when done. After the cover page comes a good acknowledgment page where you will convey to the reader all the help, people and services given by others in making this dissertation happen. Next follows is a crisp 120-150 word abstract which gives the background of your study, aim, methodology and the results discovered.

Next up is your, TOC table of contents where you will list all the sections with page on which they fall. You might want first make a rough page then when you complete all the other sections finalize the TOC then. The meat of the thesis starts with a good introduction section. It should have a clear written reason for the study, the research question and a distinct hypothesis being evaluated. After this place a well researched literature reviews section, of material freely available to the public pertaining to your research. The material should not be over 5 years old and should be from a wide range of sources. This section should help the reader focus on your research and help them see your point of study.

The next section is methods. It reveals a crucial part of your study what means you use to make your study – how you do your research, sample building, and show the way you will show inferences and significance of the thesis. This is followed by result section, where raw data, evaluation of data, and inferences mathematical (not your own opinions).

The heart of the thesis is the discussion section, where you evaluate your finding give your opinions in the context of the literature published and what you found? You must prove your studies point/s. The discussion is followed by recommendations section, where you may state other angles that can be studied in light of what you found?

At the end you should put your references in a style of reporting APA or MLA and list all references clearly and correctly. The Appendices follows with all charts, graphs, pictures and diagrams. Please put correct pages where they related to the thesis. These are the nuts and bolts of a marketing thesis!


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