Moving Past Lack of Motivation When Writing a Dissertation or Thesis

Many doctoral students find it extremely challenging to complete their Master’s or PhD thesis and to focus on the rest of their course. This is particularly so when they have almost reached the end of their course. It is even more challenging when the students lose their motivation due to their other commitments. Here is how you can move past lack of motivation while writing your dissertation or thesis.

Motivation at the Time of Distractions

It can always be difficult to maintain momentum when life is full of distractions or challenges. One of the challenges is the amount of time a student’s parents want them to spend on writing their research paper. Moreover, when the students’ parents are ageing, it can be even more difficult to write a research paper. It could be called a balancing act. Your goal should not be to completely focus on the thesis, but to manage everything together. You should also build a writing habit, which is one of the most important tools to feel motivated.

Motivation When You Are Bored

Boredom is also likely to cause you to experience a writer’s block. Before this can derail the process of writing a dissertation, you would need some perspective in order to feel less bored. When you feel bored for a long time, you might feel that you are lacking in the motivation needed to complete your dissertation. Step back for a while in such a case and find out what your degree will allow you to do after you complete it. You enrolled yourself in a Master’s or a doctoral degree course for certain reasons. Recall what motivated you in the first place to sign up for a Master’s or a doctoral degree course and focus on it. This will help you complete your research work (thesis or dissertation) on time.

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