Planning is the key to time management/ How to complete MBA projects on time

MBA students across the globe face the challenge of effective time management. They simply have too many assignments to submit and presentations to deliver. Moreover, they may be working to support their education or doing a part time course along with their MBA or may have taken up an internship to gain experience.

Through observation, practice and application, I have devised some great tricks to save time. So, for all students out there facing eternal time crunch, here are some ways you can make your schedule better:

• Plan your activities: When there are too many things to be done, planning in advance will solve half your problems. Prepare the notes you will need in class the next day and start early to be at work on time. Make a to-do list and mention the time by which you need to submit your assignments. This will make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.

• Interact with faculty: You can discuss your schedule with your MBA guide or other faculty members to know when you can reach them to ask questions you might have regarding projects or coursework. Take advice from them about the books you must refer to; this way you can avoid reading thousands of pages. They can also tell you which lectures are crucial and which ones you can skip!

• Take help from peers: If some of your colleagues can assist you by taking notes and gathering data for projects, then you can be stress free.

• Use technology: Optimize the utility of the planner and alarm on your smart phone, drop box and other information management techniques, software for analyzing data and tools for editing content. Reducing your efforts with the help of technology and automation is a must.

• Prepare a base for your projects: Looking for the right resources, using the index and internet thoroughly, and knowing which techniques to use will optimize the output that you get with minimum effort. Choose topics that are familiar, or case studies which can be finished quickly. Smart work, combined with hard work, will yield results.

Learning to manage time is the first lesson that all management students have to master. While you do all this, don’t forget to relax and take out some time for yourself.

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