Proofreading Dissertations – Professional help is always advisable

A dissertation or thesis is the research work done by a student during his bachelor, masters, doctorate or similar academic degrees. This dissertation is crucial to get the said degrees. However, it is not easy to get one’s dissertation approved by the Dissertation Board. Many students take several attempts to clear this level of various degree courses. There are strict norms and methodologies that need to be followed. Most students are unaware of these and the smallest of mistakes can result in rejection of their dissertation.

What is expected from a Student’s Dissertation?

A student’s dissertation needs to be researched well and should be relevant. Also, it should be free from citation errors, incorrect sentences, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, plagiarism and other similar errors.

How can a Student Submit a Good Dissertation?

A student needs to follow all the norms of a good dissertation and take care that there are no grammatical errors, incorrect sentences etc. Plagiarism is not acceptable. Before submitting the dissertation, every research student should proofread his/her document thoroughly. Proofreading can be done by the student himself or can be outsourced to a professional editor.

To proofread himself, the student must follow the following steps:

  • Read the content aloud. This helps to detect various mistakes; especially wrongly constructed sentences.
  • Check if the introduction and conclusion are apt
  • Check if there is any repetition of words
  • Formatting is important. Use correct fonts and formats.
  • Correct punctuation errors and check if capital letters have been used where they ought to be used

However, many times, even after good proofreading, students do not clear this level. There are a lot of errors that are overlooked by a student, or the student is not aware of the methodologies of writing a thesis professionally. A professional proofreader or a dissertation editor is indispensable in these cases.

Is it Advisable to Use Professional Proofreading Services?

Without getting the dissertation approved, the research student won’t be able to get his/her doctorate degree. Hence, it is advisable to take professional help and clear the level. The research and writing work needs to be done by the student himself. He needs to take help in making his thesis error-free and presentable. This is difficult without professional help.

The professional proofreader ensures that the thesis follows all the norms and methodologies of a good dissertation. His services enable the student to present an error-free thesis draft which would be instantly approved by the Dissertation Board without any rework. It can be regarded as a review done by a peer on the rough draft.

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