Right proofreading is the backbone to PhD

Are you aware of the fact that a doctoral dissertation comes along with months of careful research, planning, note taking and finally writing. However, this entire hard work is not the total overall package. Here you must learn adequate skills required to be an excellent proof reader.

Initially, you need to be careful that the terms or definitions which you have provided in your dissertation are clearly explained.

Make sure that your points are written in a clear and unambiguous fashion.

You need to be sure on writing tips to cite various references. Crosscheck it twice if you have written it correctly. You need to know how to cite the various references? You should know if they are absolutely correct? Hence you need to be certain that you have followed the right formula.

You need to figure out that all these citations are in the right order and right place. And finally, the nuts and bolts of your dissertation with things such as spelling and punctuation should be discussed.

For spellings etc, do not rely on software as the only source of correction of your work.  You need to check it on your own.

Never hesitate to seek help from a reliable friend or colleague to read through your dissertation. He can give you his honest opinion. Also you can hire a professional proof reader to give it the final glance.

Besides proofreading, you should improve your expertise from the following thesis statement:

  • Make in depth study about your thesis statement
  • Make your introduction clear and sharp
  • Let your conclusion be logical
  • Define your terms well in your dissertation

Your introduction should grab the reader. A powerful opening sentence needs to be powerful. Be prepared to remove redundant or unclear information. Rewrite if necessary. Hence overall you need to present your work with perfection without leaving any stone unturned for any kind of error.

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