Singapore: divinely wonderland for foreign scientists

A magnificent and flourishing country in South East Asia, Singapore is one of the few amidst the prosperous countries to auction for hosting the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine’s 24th Annual General Meeting and Exhibition. Following its victory over the bid, it has been acknowledged to host the Annual General Meeting and Exhibition at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7-13 May; 2016 that is believed to entice tremendous footfalls close to 8,500 delegates. Singapore relishes the privilege of hosting ISMRM on account of being a famous destination for scientific research that will empower ISMRM’s members to commutate opinions and delve into latest scientific evolution especially in the context of Asia.

The technology intensive economy has nearly six thousand international researchers, seven research establishments and five research associations. Singapore inherits some remarkable features that allow it to stand apart from its counterparts. The science and technology based organizations have research body in quantum information, minuscule physics, biophysics and other complex systems.

Certain companies have set up their laboratories and research centers to contribute to the biomedical hub and life sciences. A $7 million laboratory and research center chock full of above 40 scientists and technicians is committed to the study of cerebral with respect to cognizance. And controlling body health that will facilitate the laboratory to develop health additive products in tune to customer’s increasing demands. Another organization, Tokyo’s Chugai Pharmaceutical Company is aimed at carrying out research directed on the Manufacturing of Anti Body Drugs by employing advanced engineering technologies. The Conspicuous R&D technology hub, The Singapore Science Park was built under the purview of Government to establish a strong foundation for Research and Development technology.

Singapore has invested gigantic amount of funds on science and technology. The voluminous research centers and laboratories like biochemical sciences research, research centers of excellence and physical sciences laboratory complex have been built to mark Singapore as one of the greatest hubs for scientific discovery. Many public-private sector associations have bestowed immense opportunities to the distinguished scientists and engineers that have come up with integrative and versatile research that can be enforced to promote improved and advanced processes and technology.

Singapore has taken an initiative to develop a scientific atmosphere and proved to be a top-notch research hub camouflaged with the serene beauty capacitated to entice the foreign scientists and research savvy communities thereby making immense contribution to the economy.


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