Dissertation Statistics Help

Statistics is a subject that has found immense scope in research activities. Most subjects include portions that require statistics. There are two major areas in which statistics is relevant in the context of research. While the first is research design, the second is data analysis support. Research design refers to chalking out how to carry out the research, what are instruments applicable in the context of that particular research, estimating the optimum sample size; the tests that would help the researcher come up with results that help make recommendations.

On the other hand, data analysis deals in analysing and interpreting the results of the survey and other data collected by the research through both primary as well as secondary research. It involves tabulating the data as per the requirement to give it a shape that helps in interpreting results and trends from the data. It also involves testing the tabulated data for the results and represents the significance of these results, i.e. how far reliable are the results or whether the results found from the sample is valid for the entire population, as well. Data analysis helps in giving out results from which the researcher understands the courses of actions to be followed.

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