The dissertation proposal is understood as a framework of your dissertation. Hence, it should contain all the abridgments about the dissertation like the introduction of the dissertation, what it is about, research methodologies involved in it, probable issues from it, references used and the ultimate result. A dissertation proposal is something that is viewed at the earliest by the professors and also reflects the overall quintessence, crux and structure of the dissertation. Also, writing a systematic and stepwise correct dissertation proposal is the first step towards framing a successful dissertation. Hence, it becomes crucial to frame a well thought dissertation proposal.  Below mentioned are some tips to write a thoughtful dissertation proposal –

  • A dissertation proposal should be relevant in order to the topic and the aim of your dissertation.
  • Planning a structured dissertation proposal is at the most essential for a good startup. Proposal layout should underlies following sequence in it –
    • Title of dissertation – Title should be crisp and precise up to the point also subtitle should be included showing divisions and subdivisions of the study.
    • Abstract – An abstract should summarize all the points from introduction, main objectives, dissertation main body, research methodologies up to end result.
    • Introduction – It should include the reason for the study, the detail prologue of the topic and further problem clarification.
    • Objectives – Dissertation objective should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time constraint.
    • Main Body – Body of the dissertation consists of chapter wise description of the topic, background of the study, factors influencing the dissertation, problem identification and its solution.
    • Research Methodologies – Add an explanatory form of discussion in the errand of research methodologies involved. Types of methods used and its implications are some basic key points to be involved in this section.
    • End result – End result includes the conclusion of the entire study and descriptive result about the findings and learning’s.

These key points if followed will give your dissertation a onetime and appreciating submission review.

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