The good news is that you do not have to do ground breaking research or earth shaking research in order to make a good thesis or dissertation. The selection of works also goes towards making a good thesis. Here are a few things that would go to make a thesis or a dissertation good.

Dissertation title

A title for your dissertation tells the readers the purpose of conducting the research along with the content of your research studies. It is a statement that describes the topic precisely and also outlines the key variables that the student requires to investigate. A title is used as a guideline for doing research and it is also used by the others to find your study. A good dissertation title forms part of a good dissertation or thesis work.


The introduction of a thesis describes the significance and the rationale of your study. It also defines the process of data analysis as well as data collection.  A researcher also provides the delimitations and the limitations of the study in the introduction. Limitations imply the conditions that may affect the eventual results of the research, while delimitations imply the some factors that may narrow the scope of your study. A good introduction makes part of a good thesis or dissertation.

Literature review

The person researching analysis the literature that he or she uses in his or her study. It is drawn from the works of the other people. It also enhances the knowledge of the researcher too. One of the common mistakes that students make while writing their literature review is making too many quotations instead of writing a critical analysis of what the authors are saying. A good literature review makes part of a good dissertation or thesis. You should, therefore, write it well.

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