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The Proposal or Synopsis of your research is a crucial initial step in your research expedition which outlines your project's scope, objectives, and methodology, literature review as the core sections but is not restricted to them as you would other sections like timeline of the research and any other requirements as mandated by the academic institution. In Singapore Master’s research proposals can be up to 2,000 words and PhD research proposals up to 4,000 words but they can differ according to the university requirements as well. Dissertation Help Singapore provides you an expert team that ensures a flawless, compelling proposal aligned with professorial expectations. Whether for a Master's or PhD program, our experienced professionals provide comprehensive guidance, crafting error-free proposals tailored to diverse subjects.

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Our research proposal services cater to the needs of both Master’s and PhD students who are finding it difficult to curate an appeasing proposal while keeping up with every guideline.


We meticulously craft compelling and relevant titles that encapsulate the essence of your research. Our titles are designed to grab attention and convey the core focus of your proposal.

Statement of the Problem

Our experts articulate a clear and concise problem statement, highlighting the significance of the research gap. We emphasize the importance of the identified problem in the broader context of your field.

References Cited

We meticulously compile a comprehensive list of references, adhering to specific citation styles. Our attention to detail ensures accuracy, consistency, and compliance with academic standards in creating a thorough bibliography.

Review of Relevant Literature

We conduct an exhaustive review of literature, synthesizing key insights to establish the context of your research. Our approach involves identifying gaps, acknowledging existing perspectives, and positioning your study within this scholarly dialogue.

Proposed Methodology

We outline a robust and innovative methodology tailored to your research objectives. Our emphasis is on clarity, feasibility, and ethical considerations, ensuring a well-structured plan for effective research execution.

Expected Outcomes

We articulate the anticipated outcomes and impact of your research, emphasizing the potential contributions to the field. Our approach involves presenting a realistic projection of the study's significance and potential implications.

Why Choose Our Proposal Writing Assistance?

Whether you're pursuing a Master's degree or a PhD degree program, you would definitely require creating a proposal for the research project. We offer you complete guidance on drafting a dissertation proposal that is 100% error-free and in-line with the expectations of your professors. All our experts possess a good amount of experience in drafting dissertation proposals for varied subjects/topics. Whether you want to include a contents page or a GANTT chart within your proposal, we at Dissertation Help Singapore offer you every bit of assistance. So, simply place an order with us and we'll help you draft an outstanding PhD proposal writing service for your dissertation writing project.

  • Our proposals prioritize clear, concise writing, ensuring a logical and coherent structure and we ensure this for every project.
  • Grounded in feasibility, we provide pragmatic timelines and budgeting for effective research execution.
  • Your proposal is meticulously checked for originality, with our experts ensuring that every aspect is free from plagiarism, maintaining the integrity of your research.
  • Our commitment to timely delivery ensures that your proposal is crafted, reviewed, and delivered within agreed timelines.

The Unrivaled Choice for Quality

At Dissertation Help Singapore, we prioritize personalized attention by assigning a dedicated writer to understand your research objectives. Your proposal undergoes a thorough free revision period of 30 days, allowing you to request additional changes. This commitment ensures that your unique requirements are met, offering a tailored experience and guaranteeing satisfaction with the final proposal.

Initial Client Interaction

Engage in a thorough discussion with the client to gather essential details about the Master's dissertation or PhD proposal project, understanding research objectives, preferences, and specific requirements.

Proposal Drafting and Refinement

Our expert team crafts an initial proposal draft, incorporating gathered details. A collaborative process ensues, allowing for client feedback and necessary revisions to refine the proposal.

Finalization and Client Approval

Present the refined proposal for client review, incorporating any additional feedback. Final adjustments are made based on client preferences, ensuring complete satisfaction and approval.

We Ensure Proposals Are Successful

At Dissertation Help Singapore, we adhere meticulously to university guidelines, recognizing the unique formatting and structuring requirements of each institution. Our adept team is well-versed in the specific guidelines of institutions in Singapore, ensuring that your dissertation proposal aligns seamlessly with the prescribed standards of your university. This commitment guarantees that your proposal not only meets academic expectations but also reflects a profound understanding of your institution's specific criteria.

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Are you tired of navigating the complexities of proposal writing for your Master's dissertation or PhD? Our Dissertation Proposal Help Services provide expert guidance to craft a winning proposal. Get expert advice today!